Triple Bottom Line

Moving to a triple bottom line

In 2014, DSC made a covenant to become a triple bottom line company. Triple bottom line (3BL) organizations balance economic growth with environmental integrity and social responsibility. Each bottom line is measured independently, but function holistically when considering the impact of their actions.

The three bottom lines or “pillars” are typically referred to as people, planet and profits.

People in a 3BL company are guaranteed a work environment where employees find value in what they do everyday. Beyond a safe, healthy work environment, opportunities to develop one’s potential are provided through education and participation. The 3BL organization also looks for ways outside the company to benefit the community.

Planet refers to the commitment by 3BL organizations to environmentally sustainable practices. 3BL companies don’t stop at what is regulated. They continually look for ways to go beyond what is expected in order to safeguard and enhance the natural environment.

Profit is focused on financial capital, and the benefits that flow from making smart business decisions based on a triple bottom line. By creating positive economic benefit, 3BL organizations are able to continually invest in the first two pillars.

The triple bottom line measures the financial, social and environmental performance of the corporation over a period of time, as this is considered the full cost involved in doing business.