Our Story

We are Digital Specialty Chemicals

Since 1987, DSC has specialized in the supply of both custom and stock high-volume, high purity chemicals. Through accumulated knowledge and expertise, we’ve built a reputation as a high quality and environmentally responsible supplier and partner for developing, scaling up and supplying organophosphorus and organometallic chemical products.

Over the years, we’ve become global experts in the manufacture and handling of specialty chemicals, and leaders in material science and fine chemical markets.

As a triple bottom line company, practicing the chemistry of excellence is the core belief that guides everything we do at DSC.

Our Difference

DSC is environmentally responsible, people-focused, and agile.

Our team of scientific staff is continually encouraged to venture into new areas of organometallic chemistry in order to successfully work on a wider variety of compounds and advanced materials.

To this end, we are constantly scouting the market for new products that are in demand, even outside our current product portfolio. In every project undertaken, we ask each other, “Does the science we practice meet with our values? Does it impact daily life in a positive manner; will it build a more sustainable future?"

Impact on Daily Lives

DSC is proud of the results of such chemistry, resulting in the following kinds of advancements that affect lives of people every day:
  • Fine chemicals: organophosphorus chemistry used in pharmaceutical and industrial applications
  • Material science: organometallic chemistry used in electronics and industrial applications
In every element in the periodic table and every employee at DSC, there is a new thought, a new product, a new solution or a new partnership. Or a step change improvement in an existing thought, product solution or partnership.